Friday, December 16, 2022

Cuentos-Contos Week 2

In week 2 of the Cuentos/Contos, I am pleased to share the cuentos of Daisy Flores, Eduardo Tassoni Tsuchida, Alonso Delgado and Maya Yanez. 

Daisy Flores, a San Diego local and marine biologist, tells us how her Latinx identity has influenced the way she approaches education in the US and abroad. Additionally, Daisy emphasizes how a strong support system encourages her to preserve in academia, even during tough times. Lastly, she provides a few suggestions to increase inclusivity in universities and departments. 

Eduardo, a biologist studying cell response to stress, reflects on how his Brazilian background has shaped his grad school experience. He touches on the importance of therapy and keeping up with family during the COVID-19 pandemic. Eduardo believes he is doing his part to increase Latinx representation by mentoring Latinx student and working in various programs and committers to promote inclusivity and community. 

Alonso (originally hailing from the San Fernando Valley), shares his academic evolution: from pursuing an aviation adminstration degree in community college to obtaining a BSc. to currently researching venom changes in off-sea anemones! He also discusses the hidden curriculum, mentorship in academia and why he started organization, "Latinx in Marine Sciences".

Geobiologist and Los Angeles local, Maya Yanez, recounts navigating academia as a first-generation scholar, including the terrifying moments when she found out her loans were denied and how the problem was resolved! She explains how acknowledging and embracing her identity as a Latina has shaped her academic career. Maya candidly addresses her plans for the future, the reasons why she is not considering a career in academia and suggestions on welcoming and retaining Latin students. 

To learn more about the featured scientists reach out via their emails or websites, Eduardo Tassoni Tsuchida -, Maya Yanez -, Daisy Flores, and Alonso DelgadoHome | Alonso Delgado (

To check out the full versions of all the Cuentos-Contos, follow this link. Don't forget to view last week's cuentos/contos

And for now, Hasta luego! 

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