Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics Spotlight Session at Evolution 2017

Want to give a talk in our spotlight session on Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics at the joint SSE-ASN-SSB Evolution 2017 meeting in Portland, Oregon, June 23-27?

To quote the organizers: "A Spotlight Session is a focused, 75 min. session on a specific topic. Spotlight Session talks are solicited in advance, unlike regular sessions that are assembled, often imperfectly, from the total pool of contributed talks. Each Spotlight Session is anchored by three leading experts (each giving a 14 min talk) and rounded out with six selected speakers (each giving a 5 min. ‘lightning' talk) pursing exciting projects in the same field. By having a focused session with high-profile researchers on a specific topic, there will be high value in presenting even a 5 min. talk as the room is likely to contain the desired target audience as well as other relevant and well-known speakers in the field. The 14 min. talks are invited by the organizer, while the 5 min. talks are selected via an open application process also run by the organizer." Giving a talk in a spotlight sessions does NOT preclude also giving a regular talk in the meeting. More information is here.

For our Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics spotlight session, the "leading experts" giving 14 minute talks will be myself, Fanie Pelletier, and Joe Bailey. Now are seeking contributions from six "selected speakers" to round out our session. 

Please send me an email at with your proposed title and a short abstract by Feb. 10. We will then quickly review the talks and tender an invitation to six of them. Our hope is to highlight exciting new research on interactions between ecology and evolution. While we will consider all contributions, we particularly encourage young investigators (students, postdocs, new profs) and especially those developing new systems for studying eco-evolutionary dynamics.

Thanks to Matt Walsh for encouraging me to organize this spotlight session. 

If you want to see what Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics can do for you, check out #PeopleWhoFellAsleepReadingMyBook

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