Saturday, September 20, 2014

Carnival of Evolution #75

Whoops!  The delay in the August Carnival of Evolution (#74) got me confused, so I forgot to post about the September Carnival, which came out right on the heels of the August one.  Well, maybe this gave you all some breathing room, anyway.

So, the September Carnival, #75, has been out for a couple of weeks now.  Our contribution to it was my post about interactions between theoretical and empirical research in ecology and evolution.  I conducted a survey of scientists in ecology and evolution, and got more than 600 responses.  The survey results were interesting, and it’s a subject that ought to be relevant to everybody!

There’s lots of other cool stuff in this Carnival too, from a discussion of a new (possible) case of sympatric speciation, to a takedown of a new claim for intelligent design from Behe, to Carl Zimmer on new findings in the evolution of land-living tetrapods from fish!  Check it out!

ALSO: Our very own Felipe Pérez-Jvostov will be hosting the next Carnival, #76, here at eco-evo-evo-eco in just a little over a week!  So if you’ve got a blog post about something evolution-ish, and you want it in the Carnival (because why not?), submit it to Felipe!  His email: felipe [dot] perezjvostov {at} mail (dot) mcgill <dot> ca, with appropriate symbolic replacements.  :->

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