Monday, May 26, 2014

Welcome to Genomes to Biomes Montreal 2014!!!


The excitement is in the air with the start of the GENOMES TO BIOMES Conference, which is the first-ever joint meeting of three of Canada's primier natural history societies, the Canadian Society of Ecology and Evolution, the Canadian Society of Zoology and the Society of Canadian Limnologists.

At this meeting, 8 parallel sessions of talks spanning a large breadth of subjects, including ecology of biological invasions to evolutionary genetics. These talks will occur along with symposia of invited speakers. Today's (Monday) morning symposium is the CSEE Symposium on Biodiversity change across spatial scales during the anthropocene. In the afternoon will be the CSEE Symposium on effects of community diversity and composition on evolutionary change.

Before commenting further on commentary of the conference itself, all of us in the Hendry Lab would like to get the shameless self promotion out of the way and encourage you to come to our presentations!!!
8:30 - Reproductive isolation between lake and stream threespine stickleback
Dieta Hansen, Andrew Hendry, Rowan Barrett, Jean-Sebastien Moore, Eric Taylor
Room: International 1 (IN1) (Dieta is a PhD student co-supervised by Andrew and Rowan Barrett)

11:45 - Experimental evolution of resistance to parasites under relaxed selection in the wild and the repeatable loss of sexual dimorphism
Felipe Dargent, Marilyn E. Scott, Andrew P. Hendry, Gregor F. Fussmann
Room: Cartier 1 (CA1) (Felipe is a PhD student and an honorary lab member)

11:45 - On the ecological relevance of specialist parasites: Lessons from guppies and Gyrodactylus
Felipe PĂ©rez-Jvostov, Andrew Hendry, Gregor Fussmann, Marilyn Scott
Room: Mansfield 5 (MF5) (Felipe is a PhD student and an honorary lab member)
8:30 - The ecological determinants of colour pattern variation in Trinidadian guppies
Kiyoko M. Gotanda, Darrell J. Kemp, Andrew P. Hendry
Room: International 1 (IN1) (Kiyoko is a PhD student in the Hendry lab)
14:15 - Different clades, different rates: Exploring trait spaces in a phylogenetic context
Gregor Rolshausen, Jonathan Davies, Gregor Fussmann, Eric van der Wal, Nash Turley, Andrew Hendry
Room: International 1 (IN1) (Gregor is a post-doc/research associate with the Hendry lab)

14:15 - (Non)parallelism in lake-stream stickleback: Plastic, genetic, or both?
Krista Oke, Mehvish Bukhari, Renaud Kaeuffer, Gregor Rolshausen, Dan Bolnick, Katie Peichel, Andrew Hendry
Room: Cartier 2 (CA2) (Krista is a PhD student in the Hendry lab, Mehvish is an undergrad who did an independent studies project in the lab, and Renaud is a former post-doc)

See you at the talks!

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