Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nature photos for you(se)

Over the last 20 years, I have taken many nature photos – usually of cool critters in cool places. I had posted a few on my website but never had the time to keep it up to date. Nonetheless, people would see them and want to see more. Then I would have to dig through all of my files to find other ones I thought they might be interested in. Each time I did this, I would tell myself that I really should put them up all on line so that anyone could peruse them all. 

Well push came to shove and I have now posted 2,300+ of my best nature photos on

I have organized them into two “collections” – one of cool places and one of cool critters. The latter is a subset of the former – having excluded non-critter photos. All of them were uploaded in the original size and can be downloaded in that original size or smaller versions thereof.

The photos are free for non-profit use and reasonably priced if used for profit. Just contact me for permission in either case.

Happy browsing.

ps. Let me know if you spot any errors - I am sure many lurk

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